Neckties for Trendy Women

AnnaLynne McCord wearing a shirt and necktie
AnnaLynne McCord - Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
A Unique Fashion Accessory!
The tie has become a part of women's fashion, and a lady wearing a tie can actually look simply stunning. I agree, you'll need some self-confidence to wear this mannish attire, but you will be amazed at the spice it will add to your look. There are numerous ways to wear, combine, and play with your tie.
Remember the Annie Hall look sported by Diane Keaton in 1977? Her tie, man's shirt, and vest, designed by Ralph Lauren, was such a success because she made a fashion statement while also making the outfit wearable. Her wide ties, combined with men's shirts and waistcoats, became a very popular look for women in the seventies.
These days, however, more relaxed ways of wearing a tie are popular. Women can wear it very loosely around an unbuttoned shirt collar, on top of a T-shirt or tank top, and even on top of a turtleneck. Almost everything is allowed, and some surprisingly stunning looks are being created.
Actually, a necktie should be an accessory that is part of every fashion-minded woman's wardrobe, replacing a necklace or another piece of jewelry. There are no rules when it comes to ties worn by women. Experiment with any combination you can think of and you are sure to find great styles and gorgeous new looks.
How about combining a necktie with a polo shirt, or maybe even two layered polo shirts? There are many more options: a polo shirt with a button-front shirt, a shirt with a cardigan, a shirt with a V-neck sweater, two shirts, etc. Your imagination is the only limit!
Penelope Cruz wearing a necktie
Penelope Cruz - Photo: Everett Collection/Shutterstock
If you have very feminine features, the buttoned-up collar and tie look can be perfect for you. The contrast between the masculine attire and your feminine looks will turn many heads. Make the feminine-masculine look complete with a boyishly short haircut. You can make a strong fashion statement with your short-cropped hairstyle, the neatly buttoned-up shirt, and the tie!
Of course, you don't need to cut your hair short before you can wear a tie! Anyone can look good in a necktie. It is only a matter of experimenting and finding the style that suits you best. You do not even have to wear a real tie to approach this look. Instead of wearing a real tie, you can achieve a similar look with a long scarf. Opt for a soft silk or polyester scarf, rather than a cotton or knitted one.
The big question for many is "How do I tie a tie?" All those looks with beautiful men's shirts and ties are very attractive, but one thing that prevents many girls from imitating the look is that they don't know how to tie a tie. Many boyfriends and fathers don't know how to tie a necktie properly, so it is only normal that young women don't know how to do it.
Click here for some simple instructions on how to do it properly. However, ladies are lucky and don't always need to tie their tie in a proper way. Often it is more attractive and fashionable to wear it loose or on something other than a button-front shirt.