5 Ways to Make the Most of Curly Hair

Long hair with curls
Come on girl, whoever told you straight hair was the only way to go obviously has no idea what they’re talking about. Curly hair is just as sexy. Instead of running out to the hairdresser’s every few weeks to get an expensive straightening treatment – maybe you need to enjoy your curly waves honey. Trust me, you can do some great stuff with curly hair as well. I have five tips here to get you started.
1. Let It Grow
If you’re thinking about that haircut, don’t. Curly hair looks sexier when it’s longer so take a shot at growing it out. As for that haircut – ask your hairdresser to cut it in layers so your hair is easier to manage and ends up looking fabulous.
A good layered haircut for long curly hair is a classic look so don’t pick up those straightening irons yet!
2. Headbands Rule
Look around you – everyone’s wearing a headband in some style form or fashion. But guess what, with curly hair you can look better in a headband than most other people out there. See headbands tend to flatten the hair so straight hair doesn’t look so good when it’s flat does it? But with curly hair, the flattening can work to your advantage. You can wear it anyway you like.
But here’s something else I discovered. Put on a headband while your hair’s still damp and let it sit there for a while. Take it off later and you’ll see that your hair is perfectly set at your crown. So you’ll have great body yet it will stay in place at the top of your head! How cool!
3. The Updo
Okay for all of your hair vocab challenged people – an updo is simply hair jargon for putting your hair up instead of letting it hang loose. Curly hair looks absolutely gorgeous in an updo. One of my favorite updos for curly hair is to use some bobby pins to arrange the curls at the top of the head.
The circle of bobby pins should hold up the curls in such a way that the curls flow out like an elaborate bun. You can let a few strands stray loose to frame your face or put them up as well – it’s up to you. Add some glitz by decorating the updo with some clips and hair jewels.
4. The Wriggle
The wriggle is a perfect curly hair look that works well for any occasion – casual or formal. Get your hands on some hair gel and hair shining serum. Blend them well together. While your hair is still damp, use one hand to pull it towards your face.
While you’re doing this, use the free hand to “wriggle” your fingers over your head just the way you would if you gave yourself a head massage. This is to get the blended gel and serum into your hair. Shake your hair out so it doesn’t stick together and just let it be. Try not to use a comb or it will change the entire look.
5. Going French
The French twist is one of the classic hairstyles and with curly hair, you can rock it like no other. If you don’t know how to do it, get someone to do it for your once or watch someone doing it so you can learn.
You need to make sure you pull your curls back as tightly as possibly to the back of your head to get the perfect Twist. Again, you can let some curls go and arrange them so that they flow from the top of your head, over the twist. This adds some drama to the look.
So here are five things you can try with your curly hair. I hope you won’t keep wishing for straight hair now!
Photo: Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure
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