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Naturally Curly Hair & Curly Hair Problems

The girl with the curl might be your neighbour next door or the one you eye suspiciously at the gym while noticing as she works out and sweats, (actually they don’t sweat like we do, they glisten instead) her hair doesn’t fall but gets those cutsy small ringlets that lie innocently upon her forehead or she could be the jogger who passes you by while you watch her curls bounce every foot she sprints. She is one of those femme fatales who men throw themselves at her feet while still being completely aware of the heartbreak ahead.
Girl with long curly hair They don’t care! It’s the naturally curly hair! Natural curl girls are the first to get picked for the basketball team whether they are good or not, the first to get a date for the prom and a ring on their finger. They look good when their canoe has tipped over into the water or snow skiing with a toque squashed on their head. Even worse is when they take their hat off, their curls bounce around like nothing happened. Are there springs inside of their curls? What’s up with that and where are these people from anyway! There is something about those little curls that dance around their face and we have to live with people like that, year in and year out. They used to be called “mother’s darlings.”
Moving just a little bit more on a serious note. Naturally curly hair can definitely be a godsend when you have the right haircut. There are those who think they can clip naturally curly hair every which way they would like because the curls will hide their mistakes. How wrong can they be! The client will know immediately if she has a bad haircut just by running her unprofessional hands through her hair. She will know where the gaps are and the too short lengths that aren’t jiving with the longer strands, and when the hair dries so will the world. When it comes right down to it, no one knows their own hair like we do. We know what is going to happen after we wash it, after we get that perfect or not so perfect haircut and how it is going to react. We understand the process of putting on gel to either tame our hair or help it along. When it comes to naturally curly hair, the only ones who really understand what is in their head and on it are other naturally curly girls. They seem to belong to a curly club all their own.
When naturally curly hair is cut into a fashionable haircut, you will see delightful flips, waves and twirls around the head without the slightest effort. In fact, they sometimes walk out of the house to get into the car without a comb so much as touching their head. This might be the reason why they seem to be from another planet.
In truth, they have their problems too. Natural curly hair can turn to frizz when the humidity is high no matter where they happen to be and there isn’t a thing they can do about it. Even if they have carefully moisturized their hair and used extra moisturizer and extra spray the frizz devil comes on the scene. If they have rolled their hair into a smoother coif, this is still no guarantee that frizz won’t be popping its ugly head. Rain is a guarantee to bring frizz and during a ride on a sail boat, her lovely curls will end up to be a massive pile of curls, sometimes more than often, frizzy curls. This is why, if you have the curls, a light attractive scarf or hat could be useful while sailing or walking on the beach.
Salt air can be murderous, especially on silver hair because most grey hair tends to come in dry. There are different textures to natural curly hair; some are frizzier, while others seem to hold their own. Sometimes it depends upon the degree of the curl. Kinky curly hair can be unusually dry and needs an excessive amount of continual moisturizers in the products used, such as moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and leave in conditioners, gels or spritzing lotions. There is medium curly hair that is generally most coveted and then the loose waves that sort of roll around the shoulders. The most important asset for a curly head is a good haircut for a minimal amount of work needed like a simple comb or fluff in your hair. One of the worst looks is when a curly head needs a haircut and because of the kink has grown into a square form. Not good. The right shape is always the answer. They can never go long without a good shaping.
Many decide to straighten their curly hair and this process can be painstakingly time consuming while using the flat iron, only to have the edges begin to curl when the humidity comes on the scene, unless you opt to have permanent straightening done, in which the hair remains straight until it grows out. Harsh chemicals are usually involved in the process of permanent straightening; many times salons use a good perm to straighten the hair instead of a relaxer because the chemicals are usually not quite as strong. The secret is to be happy with what you have in the first place. Instead of disliking what you have, take a good look in the mirror and look just how beautiful you really are with all those swirls, dips and curls. Be happy with your curls, because although we live in a trendy time when straight hair seems to be so fashionable, the pendulum has swung back to coiled curls and large lush waves. Besides, there is always someone across the street or around the block who secretly wishes they had your hair since the beginning of time.