Alyson Hannigan Hairstyles

American actress Alyson Hannigan was born on March 24th, 1974 in Washington, D.C. She played the role of Willow Rosenberg on the series Buffy the Campire Slayer and flautist Michelle Flaherty in the American Pie films.
auburn hair past the shoulders hairstyles with uplifted curls Alyson Hannigan wearing a brown satin dress partial updo Alyson Hannigan's preppy look Alyson Hannigan sporting a rounded bob haircut
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Alyson is known for her flaming red hair and her feisty smile. Over the years she has done some subtle changes to her haircolor, but always stays in the warm color range from copper to a chocolaty chestnut.
She prefers her hair long, without bangs and cut into long layers. A base cut that allows many styling variations from festive updos to sporty open looks.
The best colors for her to wear are green tones, lighter to medium dark blue hues and all earthy tones, like a crisp cigar brown or sandy beige. Yellow, reds and purple to pink are not advised with her rosy skin tone and the red glow of her hair.
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