Hairstyles and Noses

Hairstyle for different lengths and shapes of noses
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Q: I need some information on different types of noses and how to do your hair according to your type of nose.
A: Rather than looking at specific features of the face and developing hairstyles to coincide with them, the focus of the stylist is on the overall balance of the facial features and the shape of the face. The goal is to create a balanced silhouette that creates the appearance of an oval face shape.
The problem with trying to specify hair styles and cuts to specific shapes and topographies of specific features is that it doesn't take into account the bigger picture of the face. The net result would be a confining of options and an increase in bad choices made based solely on a specific feature.
That being said, there are a few standard rules for compensating with "special considerations and features" as they regard to the nose:
Crooked noses usually call for asymmetrical, off-center styles as they attract the eye away from the nose. Any well-balanced style will accentuate the fact that the face is uneven.
Wide-flat noses call for a style in which the hair is drawn away from the face. A center part should be used to create a vertical line for the eye to elongate and narrow the appearance of the nose.
Long narrow noses indicate that you should avoid haircuts that taper close to the head on the sides or which have height on top. You should also avoid center parts and styles that direct too much hair toward the face. These styles will only exacerbate the long, narrow features of the face. Use hairstyles that direct the hair away from the face, to create the illusion of wider facial features.
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