Nicole Kidman Hairstyles

Academy award winning actress Nicole Kidman was born on June 20th, 1967 in Honolulu. She was born to Australian parents and has citizenship of both the United States and Australia.
  • Shirley Temple curls look
  • Nicole Kidman with festive hair
  • Nicole Kidman with straight hair
  • Nicole Kidman with long hair flowing over one shoulder
  • long flowing hair
  • Nicole Kidman's business-like look

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Nicole has charisma, beauty and never seems to have a bad hair day. With her balanced features she can wear about any style and changes her looks often enough to keep us in suspense. Over the years she has transitioned between sleek hairstyles with or without fringe, to elaborate and glamorous upstyles and happy, sexy ringlets.
Her signature color is a unique coppery blonde that enhances the translucence of her complexion. But light to medium blonde tones looks just as natural. Due to her prominent forehead Nicole should stick with haircuts that have at least a partial fringe.
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