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Nicole Kidman's Business-like Look

The 3rd annual Gold Meets Golden even in Los Angeles (February 21st, 2015) brought out many celebrities. Nicole Kidman, an A-list superstar, never ceases to steal the spotlight, even if she is sporting a business-like look. We love Nicole's dual look. Her buttoned up blouse with the collar and her hair pulled back give off a very corporate feel but the silk material of her blouse and her very well done makeup add a few touches of softness. Nicole's make up regimen is fairly simple, some foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.
Her golden blonde hair color is just as simple and effortless. Nicole's hair color works together to flawlessly flatter her fair, statuesque skin tone. An effortless beauty, her hair and makeup have always been timeless and class in style and taste. When Nicole does highlights or lowlights, she sticks to the two shades of difference rule of thumb (meaning she doesn't go more than two shades in each direction).
Kidman's pulled back hair, for this event, is essentially a ponytail. While ponytails themselves are simple enough for the average skill set to accomplish, there are a few things you can do to spruce them up a bit. Like Nicole Kidman's pony, seen here, one can do a side part with side swept bangs. Also, like Kidman's, the ends of the hair can be curled to provide a softer look. Make sure you comb it enough to get a smooth look then be sure to generously spray with a holding spray.
Nicole Kidman wearing a sily white blouse Nicole Kidman - Ponytail hairstyle for business women
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