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60s Festive Hairstyle

Nicole Kidman was very belissima at the Rome Film Festival on October 13th, 2006. Wearing a hairstyle with the flavor of the early 60s the Australian Actress showed much poise and charm in the eternal city.
Here is how to copy Nicole's festive updo: Gather the sides and back to a very high ponytail. Secure with and elastic and wrap a strand of your own hair around the base and pin down. Loosen the rear crown area with a pick to create more volume. It also helps to tease this section before binding the tail.
Go crazy with your curling iron and turn the back into a cascade of curls. Also ad some rounding touches to the long tendrils in front, but leave the bangs straight. Just style those in a large curve and tug them behind your ears.
Crown view of Nicole Kidman's hair Top view of Nicole Kidman's updo 60s updo with curls - Nicole Kidman Upstyle with a cascade of curls - Nicole Kidman
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