Maria Bello Hairstyles

Maria Bello is an American actress, born on April 18th, 1967. Maria is known for her roles in "Coyote Ugly", "A History of Violence" and "The Jane Austen Book Club".
  • Maria Bello with foiled blonde hair
  • Maria Bello with her hair cut short
  • Maria Bello
  • Maria Bello's sandy blonde hair
  • Maria Bello sporting a blunt bob with waves
  • Maria Bello's age appropriate hairstyle

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Her Italian name might let you expect a brunette beauty, but Maria Bello is a flaxen haired picture of poise and style. Whether she is all her easygoing, casual self with long, sensually messy layers or puts on her luxury looks for big events, Maria wears her hair in flattering, feminine and simple hairstyles.
A lot of nature is in the wave and the breezy, curvy flow of her hair and her styles are uncomplicated, young, but always trendy and chic. Side parts, long fringes, a lot of texture and subtle layers for volume are key elements for flattering haircuts that support Maria's features.
Elegant up styles with a good dose of top volume work well with her face, which has a diamond shape. Among her best looks ever were long bobs with minimal layering but a lot of waves.
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