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Maria Bello's Matching Hair Color

These photos were taken at The Help Group's 30th Annual Teddy Bear picnic on June 12th, 2007. We are digging this hair color inspiration and hairstyle from brown eyed Maria Bello! Her long, dark sandy blonde locks are worn parted down the center in loose waves. The soft texture is very girly and romantic. Hair is cut well past the shoulders with soft blended layers at the ends. The layers give a soft shape without taking out any fullness.
The color is so stunning and it matches her eye color to a tee. The deeper blonde shade keeps Maria from looking washed out and actually gives the appearance of a richer skin tone. Always keep your eye color and skin coloring in mind when choosing hair tones. They can really effect your overall look. The hairstyle is long and somewhat casual but it's the perfect match with this silk blouse and scarf. The sweet girly touches make this a very attractive look.
Maria Bello - Hair color that matches brown eyes Maria Bello's casual long hairstyle Maria Bello - Hair tones that match brown eyes Maria Bello wearing a silk blouse, skirt and scarf
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Photos: S. Bukley/Shutterstock