Hair Pulled Back into a Bun

Maria Bello with her hair pulled back
Photo by PR Photos
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Maria Bello's blonde hair is pulled back into a very serve knot type of a bun when she attended the 12th Annual Critic's Choice Awards on December 1st, 2007. Notice the location of this bun. It is about two inches up from her lower hairline.
How to do this: Begin with your hair dry and clean, although; some like to work with hair filled with spray as it is easier to work with. Brush all your hair back gathering the hair and placing it into a ponytail. Take the hair and wrap it around the band and over the band and you have it! Smooth the whole head down with your hand as you spray.
Another way to do this and not use a hair band is to gather the hair back and twirl the hair around into a circle while you use hair pins to fasten it all down. If you have thin fine hair the latter might be the best move. Thicker hair may do better with the hair band.
Mario Bello wearing her hair out of her face
Photo by PR Photos
Mario Bello with her hair in a knot
Photo by PR Photos
Mario Bello with her hair styled into a bun
Photo by PR Photos
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