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Blunt Bob with Waves

Take a look at cheeky looking Maria Bello modeling her bob and with a smile to die for at the 7th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview in Beverly Hills, California on January 10, 2008. She is wearing her medium length hair in an off centered part with light brown panels of color blended throughout her platinum color.
The bob barely touches her shoulders and there is the heavier side that is combed down with a slight wave that brushes against her eye and curves around her cheekbone. The other side is combed back and around her ear unveiling her round loopy earrings. It is a delight to see some waves fashioned in a blunt bob. A large curling iron can be used to develop Maria's mellow dip along her face as the lift and bend will be just enough for the subtly of the wave.
Maria Bello wearing a blue silk blouse with sheer sleeves The larger the barrel of the curling iron, the bigger your curls or waves will be. One thing to consider is how the curls will be relaxed by the time you walk out of the door. Many women have a hard time keeping any type of wave or curl in their hair and if this is the case, think about getting a body perm.
The main idea with this hairstyle is the blunt haircut that has the slight wave involved. If you have been thinking about a bob for awhile, this length could be a good one to begin to experiment with.
Maria keeps her natural looking makeup with her foundation easily matching her skin tones. She has arched eyebrows, mascara, concealor, subtle eyeliner, light pale blush/bronze and a natural rose lip tint. Her blue dress is just the right color to neutralize in hair and skin tones and a dazzling effect with the see through blue neck scarf.
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