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Shoulder Grazing Hair

Maria Bello was seen at The 1st Annual Oscar Contenders Party hosted by VLIFE Hermes with Ashton Martin and Absolut in Beverly Hills, California on January 12, 2004.
Film artist Maria has had several shades of hair, from her natural brown to a myriad of lighter tones paneled throughout her hair. Her photo gives us an example of selective dark blonde shades that have been foiled around her lighter blonde.
Her hair lies straightly just grazing her shoulders with small slithers on the ends. The top bang goes up into the ridge and over mixing in with her side. The other side is styled behind her ears. This is an easy keeper because it gives the appearance of a blunt haircut but the ends give it away. Her hair also gives the impression of being thick, but most of that could be how the high level of tint expands the hair shaft.
If you have board straight hair, this would be an ideal hairstyle for you. A small lesson on how to apply the root gel in the front of the hair as seen in Maria's picture would do the trick for you. Apply on your roots while wet and blow dry, while bringing up your hair as pictured. Tip: If you really want a high ridge or volume, a haircut could be in order for you because the shorter your hair, the higher your volume.
Maria has an diamond shape face with a fairly high forehead and would actually look sassier with some choppy bangs just touching her eyebrows. She is wearing a moderate amount of makeup with golden pinkish tones. Her eyebrows are thinly arched with a pinky beige tone on the bone of her eyes and a smoky tone on the lids.
There is concealor, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. The lashes and eyeliner weigh her small eyes down, however she can get away with it because there isn't any eyeliner on the bottom of her eyes that would bring them in closer. Her final touch is a light brushing of bronze and blush around her face and a frosted pale coral lip color.
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