Meagan Good's Asymmetrical Haircut

Meagan Good with a partly shaved head
Photo by PR Photos
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Just by looking at Meagan Good we can tell she is a creative actress in the way she wears her hair short and shaved on one side with a part that brings her top hair over to meet the length on the other side and this is why the photographer's clicked at the 2011 BET Awards on June 26, 2011.
If you have an oval face with super high cheekbones like Meagan, this type of hairstyle will magnify your bone structure just like Megan's. If you have a square face and wear an asymmetrical haircut, you will discover the diversity it brings to your look. The haircut will break the sharp natural edges around your jaw line and extend a softer line.
Tip: the idea of an asymmetrical look softening otherwise sharp lines isn't new. Fashion designers create dresses to disguise large hips and thighs by one single tuck. Plan ahead before you get that next haircut to see how you can emphasize the very best that you have and take a friend along when you get that new haircut or new dress.
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