Pros and Cons of a Side Shave

Bob haircut with a side shave
Photo: Bigstock
Q: I want a short bob with a side shave. Are there any pros, cons or warnings you can share before I get one side of my head shaved?
A: The side shave is a super individualistic and contemporary look. In my opinion it is one of the most self-expressive styles ever and is totally under-utilized. That being said; there are a few things you should be aware of.
1. It’s going to be an uncomfortable process to grow it out one day (and yes, there will come a day when you want to grow it out). Thus, when you want to grow it out, you should seriously consider cutting your hair short into a pixie cut, to make the growing-out process easier.
2. If you have highlighted hair, first grow your highlights out an inch in the section that you want to shave it. If you shave it while the highlights are still close to the scalp, the shaved section looks spotty (in a bad way).
3. Prepare yourself to making frequent trips to your stylist. Shaved is cool but grown-out stumps not so much. Thus, make sure that your stylist will shave the section on a frequent basis for a seriously discounted price.
4. Prepare yourself for comments and questions from strangers and friends alike. Side shaves or under shaves are not very common, and people often yearn to have their hair cut like this but lack the self-confidence to do it.
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