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Megan Good Hairstyles

Megan Good is an American actress, born on August 8th 1981. She appeared in several films, commercials, television shows and music videos.
  • Megan Good
  • Megan Good wearing her hair very short
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Among her roles were characters in "The Love Guru", "Saw V" and she also played herself in Chris Rocks hilarious documentary "Good Hair". As a fashion conscious modern black woman, Megan pays a lot of attention to her hair. Mostly like a lot of dollars too. Her naturally frizzy black hair needs chemical relaxers to flow straight and sleek, but she is also often seen with large, well defined waves, like ripples on a lake.
Her straight hair looks often have some layering and texturing going on along the sides and in the tips for a sassy, modern look. Megan usually parts her hair on the side, which is very classy on her, especially when she pulls all her hair to one side for a stylish asymmetrical effect. Her colors go back and forth between a shiny and pure onyx and woodsy brown tones.
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