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Sixties Look

Madonna's hair for a sixties look
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Songster Madonna attended the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards on September 13, 2009.
Madonna is keeping her hair blonde these days and in a shoulder length with a small amount of layers happening on the ends. The top is combed back and secured, the sides are rounded out with the sixties look of a flip on the ends. Her golden blonde hair has slices of brown, bronze and a lighter blonde involved in the finished artistry.
The casualness of a lagged flip could be a hard act to follow for yourself, unless your hair holds the curl and even then it could be a little too curly for you if you aren't using the jumbo rollers. Everything depends upon your hair texture. If your hair doesn't hold a curl, consider using medium or small rollers, as by the time you arrive at your destination, your curl should be perfect. Take a small battery run curling iron to carry in your purse for touch ups.
Madonna has the perfect oval shaped face and as time moves on, she becomes more attractive. There's no sun tan for this lady, she keeps an eye on her porcelain skin tones and protects them from the harmful UV rays. Her eyebrows are kept arched into a medium thickness and this is one of the reasons why her eyes have always been so beautiful. She is wearing a concealor between the inner creases of her eyes and a pale light shadow under the thick eyeliner.
Madonna can wear the thick eyeliner successfully because she has large wide eyes. Those with small eyes will find their eyes appearing to be closing in and smaller with the application of eyeliner. There is a minimal amount of very light pale pink blush and a light pale rose pink lip color. She is wearing a black outfit with a large scooped v in the front and centered by a silver cross necklace.
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