Madonna Hairstyles

Madonna is an American singer and actress, born on August 16th, 1958.
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There must be something magical about the letter M. Madonna, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe all share not only a larger than life celebrity status, but also a very similar taste in hair. Medium long to slightly shorter haircuts with sexy thick curls or waves in a shiny blonde are the looks that have made history.
Madonna has already made the fuzzy, crinkled and asymmetrical look famous in the 80s, enchanted with a strictly pulled back, high pony tail à la "I dream of Jeannie" and has later resorted to the classic all "Hollywood" hairstyles with gorgeous curls, waves and dreamy volume.
One element that has accompanied most of Madonna's looks is a straight partition right in the center, which distributes the hair evenly around her face. It gives her looks a good harmony, while a few subtle layers take care of the volume. Blonde is Madonna's hair color since the 80s.
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