Jodie Foster Hairstyles

American actress Jodie Foster was born on November 19th 1962. Her first important role was in Taxi Driver (1976).
  • tousled hair
  • Jodie Foster
  • Jodie Foster with swinging hair
  • hair with jagged edges
  • Jodie Foster with curls
  • Jodie Foster with long feathered hair
  • Jodie Foster's neck length hair
  • Jodie Foster's bob
  • Jodie Foster with shoulder length hair
  • Jodie Foster's chin length bob

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Preferring practical and versatile haircuts that are feminine but not girlish, Jodie has tried on a range of styles with a short layered look being the most prevalent. A great choice since Jodie has a square face with a distinct jaw line and a strong forehead. Wispy layers and playful fringes soften the face and bring attention to her eyes and gorgeous cheekbones.
Jodie is an ideal candidate for short to medium long bobs with layers and textured ends. Soft curls are a winner too, as long as the volume remains on the sides and holds back on the crown.
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