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Jodie Foster & Crystal Allen

Jodie Foster 06/12/2009

In the past, Jodie Foster has worn her hair long and short, now it is appears to be the perfect level for her pretty face. Her hair is cut into a longer layer style and rests in a neck collar cuffing mode. One can almost see the section by section setting as the hairstyle was styled. For example, the long bangs that charm her brows and just above it, we can see where the stylist carefully placed the different sections on top of one another or, gathering movement in a different direction. The purpose of her hairstyle was to bring it all back and away from her face, in one way or another in a gentle graceful form.
Jodie has exciting gold and cinnamon coppery sheens to her hair that presents a most complimentary appeal, not just to her hair; but to her eyes! Take a look at the high-flying color of blue in her eyes! As she has matured, her classic features come out strong and absolutely dramatic (like a lot of us more mature gals). Her eye makeup is conservative with a smack! She normally has naturally light brows, therefore, a small amount of light brown pencil blends in nicely, light shadow with the faintest tinge of grey, eyeliner, mascara, blush and a creamy pastel coral for her mouth. Thumbs up for Jodie!
Jodie chose a grey gown perhaps to neutralize all of the reddish tones that come from her hair and skin. The small conservative looped earrings harmonize easily with the grey.
Crystal Allen - 06/12/2009
Crystal Allen - Bob haircut with an angle along the sides
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Crystal Allen's natural hair would stem from a medium to light brown. Her hair has been highlighted to the degree of being completely blonde on the ends. There are multiple shades of blonde/brown slices that help break up the blonde from the ends. Her high off centered part puts a little bit of punch in her facial structure and her organic appearance. The haircut is a bob with the back edged up tighter and a gradual angle moving along the coast of her sides. Her bangs move easily over to the one side still exposing her beautiful face.
About her beautiful face: Crystal's brows have a gloriously natural structure, there is barely any eye shadow that can be seen, no eyeliner, mascara on her own lashes, a little bronzing and blush and coral tawny color lip tint. How many of us can say we'd look this good close up?