Heather Graham Hairstyles

Heather Graham rocks with a six sense as a character actress. She clicks with an understanding about the individual she has to portray. Heather was born on January 29th, 1970 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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With her light blonde hair and ethereal features Heather appears very delicate and she chooses very feminine hairstyles to underline this. She has an angular jaw line and a charmingly stubborn forehead, which looks best if caressed by playful tendrils to both sides of a center part.
Since her hair is rather fine gently layered haircuts add some flattering volume, as do large waves. Sleek styles need to be blow dried for fluffiness and feature textured ends for more pizzazz and body. The styles to avoid for Heather are short, choppy looks, heavy bangs, and strict looks with all of her hair pulled back.
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