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Heather Graham & Eva Amurri

Heather Graham - 01/14/2009

Heather Graham is wearing her fine hair long and split in an off center division along with a fluffy straight appeal upon her sides. There are a few darker thin swatches of blonde and brown intermingled around her hairstyle. Most interesting are the darker cases of hair upon the ends that somewhat match her center area.
Heather's make up is an easy going light nature, heavy eyeliner that is so prominent for today, natural brows, barest blush and a lip tint that goes very well with the v scooped dress she is wearing. Her dress is a mix between a light bright rich watermelon and a rose pink. The best thing about Heather's overall appearance is the talent to be able to smile with her eyes. Tip: Want to be popular? Look in the mirror and begin practicing smiling with your eyes and you will notice more ardent admirers heading your way. Smile until your jaws hurt!
Eva Amurri - 01/14/2009

Eva Amurri has long layered hair that has been lifted up about two levels into a golden brown color. If we look under her hair we can see the depth of her own dark brown hair color. There are placements of light and golden blonde slices that blend together in conjunction with the darker and golden browns. The top is patterned into a smooth cap that easily rests over the beginning of her lithe hair that lies upon her shoulders.
Eva has lovely skin texture that is portrayed by the makeup she is using. Tip: Good skin texture becomes excels with the right makeup. Light penciled brows, light eyeliner, delicately light mascara, small amounts of blended blush and a medium shade of a tawny rose lip tint. Her dress appears to be a cross between a medium light purple and a drop of orchid. She is wearing conservatively small earrings that go quite well with her overall theme.
I would put Ms. Amurrie's hair into an upswing into the crown, with some sassy fans and a few tendrils hanging about and give her some serious light fluffy irregular chops in her bangs to lift the heaviness upon her forehead. Then, for a command performance I would put just a few slices of copper upon her bangs. The copper red would be just enough to put a coppery tone in her brown eyes.