Coco Rocha Hairstyles

Coco Rocha with long red hair Coco Rocha with long dark hair Coco Rocha with very short hair Coco Rocha's very short bob Coco Rocha's slicked back hair
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Having a name like Coco pretty much means your life is destined to lead a life of fashion. Coco Rocha is a Canadian super model who rocks the runway and also inspires us when she's off the runway.
Her fashion forward choices are chic, bold, and always on trend. She pushes the envelope by wearing the latest clothes, makeup, and what we love - hairstyles!
Coco has been spotted wearing super long hair strands as well as extremely short and buzzed styles. Hair colors range from dark chocolate browns to fiery red shades. She is most known for dark neutral brown colors but as most super models go, she is a true chameleon and can wear an array of cuts, colors, and styles.
This gorgeous cover girl has naturally straight hair. She wears it down often to show off her healthy locks or short pixie. When her hair is long she also enjoys a high ponytail. Coco Rocha's style is a never boring and she shows that being cool, edgy, and chic can go hand in hand. We love her!
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