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Coco Rocha's Short Bob

Take a look at this interesting hairstyle from Coco Rocha. She made a statement with her hair at the 2014 Delete Blood Cancer Gala Honoring Evan Sohn And The Sohn Conference Foundation in New York City on May 7th, 2014. It looks like she is growing her hair out after cutting it into a pixie.
This very short bob is a cool cut to have as an in between style. This very bold bob cuts in around the cheekbones and angles straight back to her nape line. The crisp lines and smooth finish give this short hairstyle a very edgy and futuristic look.
The hair is ironed out stick straight. So much so that the hairstyle almost looks like a wig. A flat iron was run painstakingly through every section of hair so that the hair would lay completely flat. Don't forget to always use a heat protecting serum on your hair whenever you use a flat iron on strands.
Coco Rocha wearing her hair very short and with a smooth finish Coco Rocha with short hair that angles straight back Coco Rocha with her stick straight hair in a bob
Coco's hair color is a medium, neutral brown. There is no red or gold within the color and it borders on ash. Neutral colors go well on women with blue or green eyes.
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