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Cameron Diaz Hairstyles

American actress Cameron Diaz was born on August 30th, 1972 in San Diego.
  • Cameron Diaz with hat and ponytail
  • simple stylish haircut
  • Camzeron Diaz with brunette hair
  • Cameron Diaz with long freely flowing hair
  • Cameron Diaz with short hair
  • Cameron Diaz wearing her hair long and laid back
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Cameron is spontaneous, sexy and sporty, always ready for mischief and bursting with energy. She needs fairly low maintenance hairstyles with much versatility to suit her exciting lifestyle. She often wears her hair open in casually disheveled strands and parted on the side, switching left and right to keep things new.
A hair-elastic is about the only hair accessory that you will find on Cameron and she uses it to bind her hair in a thick ponytail that she wears on the side or in the back. The best color for her is the natural beach blonde, which she is known for. Darker hues give her a harder expression and add some unwanted years to her looks.
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