Bryce Dallas Howard Hairstyles

Bryce Dallas Howard's short haircut Bryce Dallas Howard with long layered hair Bryce Dallas Howard Bryce Dallas Howard with a long bob haircut Bryce Dallas Howard with bangs
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Bryce Dallas Howard is an American actress, born March 2nd, 1981. She is known for playing roles in The Village, Spider-Man 3 and Terminator Salvation.
Producers were very upset when she appeared on the set with hair dyed much darker than her natural orange-ginger color and made her wear a wig for her scenes.
Bryce has very fair skin and blue eyes and even with darkbrunette tones she looks stunning. The only color that would wash her out would be very light blonde tones. However, her natural red is a rare and unusual color and we hope she will get back to it often.
Her hairstyles also rise and fall with her roles and with her own experiments in self expression. She has sported sassy short haircuts but is mostly known for her long mermaid waves that reach below her shoulders.
Bangs are a very pretty way for her to bring more attention to her eyes. Just a blunt line with a bit of softening texture does the trick.
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