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Abigail Spencer Hairstyles

Abigail Spencer is an American actress, born August 4th, 1981. She is known for her role as Becca Tyree on All My Children.
  • Abigail Spencer
  • Abigail Spencer with glasses
  • Abigail Spencer with side-parted hair
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Abigail's long, brunette locks make it easy to change hairstyles to meet the demands of her busy life. She keeps things simple by wearing a center part which balances her slightly prominent forehead. Her face is slender and long, so extra volume on the sides is the best look for her. Her hair is layered for added bounce and body. A natural wave gives her hair great body and movement that she sometimes tones down or increases, depending on the style of the day.
Abigail's hair can easily be turned into an elegant look by using a flat iron or blow drying it over a rounded brush to shape it into sleek and slightly curved sections. She also likes to keep it natural in a free and wavy boho style. The length and texture of her hair makes it easy to create any kind of up-style.
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