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Abigail Spencer & Kelly Kruger

Abigail Spencer - 01/10/2009

The magic of Abigail Spencer's long lush chestnut hair can only be surpassed by her lighthearted smile. The hub of her hairstyle begins with a flexed midpoint with the belly of the hair rounded into large mellow forms that greet the idle coils that lie below her shoulders. There are narrow slips of caramel throughout her hair with the majority of color positioned around her face.
Abigail has heavy upper eyeliner, neutral light beige hues for shadows, mascara, exceptional brows, a bit of bronze/blush on her cheeks and forehead and a light tawny lip color. The thin platinum necklace with matching earrings harmonizes with her light turquoise dress and embellishes her eyes.
Kelly Kruger - 01/11/2009

Kelly Kruger wearing her hair in a casual ponytail Kelly Kruger captures our attention with her beautiful eyes. She is wearing all her hair back into a casual ponytail that reveals the blonde slices placed in her hair. There is a small piece of hair that has been wrapped around the band in the back giving the illusion the pony is held up by the piece. Her ponytail gives the appearance of being healthy and strides all the way down her back. Few can wear their hair pulled back successfully in such a severe manner exposing all of their facial structures. Kelly has the perfect oval face with a long swan neck that she takes advantage of by wearing her long drop earrings.
Her eyes are a coppery brown and the color is brought out by her eyeliner and subtle shadow on her lower lid. The rich influence we see in her eyes are also due to keeping her brows in a natural thicker state and using plenty of mascara. Many times we see the coppery color brought out by wearing a reddish color or a deep brown/black tint. This tells me that Kelly's eye color might be a natural light coppery brown or they could also be contacts. After all, how can anyone single person be so gorgeous! She follows through with light blending of a blush and lip tint.