Ashley Greene Hairstyles

Ashley Greene was born on February 21, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida and after she graduated she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in acting. This has led to guest acting on such television shows as Punk'd and Crossing Jordan. Many would recognize her in the 2008 film called Twilight where she played Alice Cullen. Stay tuned to sequels of 2009 Twilight with Ashley continuing as Alice Cullen.
Ashley Greene Ashley Greene with long hair Ashley Greene with short hair Ashley Greene with a bob half way her neck Ashley Greene with trendy smooth curls Ashley Greene's long hairstyle with layers
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Ashley seems to wear a new hairstyle with every outfit and enjoys expressing her personality with very different looks. She stays away from short hair, but has been sporting various lengths from mid-neck to way over the shoulders.
The sassy brunette can be all elegant and classic with bob haircuts or large luxurious curls and updos, but she also has a very casual and fun loving side that comes out with her longer hairstyles.
She often plays with different textures and stages of "deconstruction", meaning the sexy and deliberately messy looks that we all love. A long side fringe is one of the few elements that accompany her through all the changes as is her color, from which she has not strayed too far.
The dark walnut tone enhances the glow of her skin but finds a close contender in a strawberry blonde tone.
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