Ashley Greene's Short Hairstyle

Ashley Greene with short hair that rests halfway down the neckline
Photo by PR Photos
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Ashley Greene has gone from long hair to the shorter haircut that we are seeing in the photographs. What an exciting short hairstyle with curls that is chock full of pizzazz!
First of all, note there aren't any more highlights and that her hair is completely brunette. One for our side! Next, the haircut is in layers and rests about half way down the neckline. This hairstyle is as easy to do as boiling water.
Let's first talk about the quick way. While you are heating up your hot rollers, you will be drying your hair. When your hair is dry, spray some olive oil on your hair to help protect against the heated rollers (they do make a moisturizing olive oil that you can spray). Make your angled part and use the large rollers on the top positioned across the head going toward the side.
Ashley Greene - Easy to do short hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
Note the large sections they took when they rolled the hair. Follow through with this and take large sections. Take two large sections along the sides and tilt the rollers toward the face and in the back, roll the large sections going under. After about 10 minutes, take your rollers down and finger comb your hair in the direction desired. For example, on the top you would bring the poufy bangs down upon your forehead with your fingers. This hairstyle is supposed to look like you just took your rollers down and did nothing.
Ashley looks great in color! Here is a lady who doesn't go with the usual flow of our times. She has beautiful creamy white flawless skin that barely has the faintest application of blush. Along with that, we can see stunningly long designed brows that are just oh so beautiful, light/dark shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara and fire engine red lips!
Tip: One thing to consider about your lip color is to remember that the redder the tint the whiter your teeth will appear. Bravo Ashley!
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