Amy Smart Hairstyles

American actress and former fashion model Amy Smart was born March 26, 1976. Her first film role was in 1997 in Campfire Tales, followed by a role in Starship Troopers.
Amy Smart with dark hair blonde Amy Smart Amy Smart Amy Smart with long hair parted in the middle Amy Smart sporting a bob haircut
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With her light skin and Scandinavian looks, Amy can wear pretty much all colors from soft pastel tones to bold and bright hues. She usually has her hair open, sleek and shiny in uncomplicated and at times playful and curly styles, framing her elfish face.
The blonde tones are a natural fit for her, while the darker tones tend to wash her out a bit, as does make-up that is too heavy. Amy convinces in luxurious evening gowns, but also brings glamour to washed out jeans and casual tops.
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