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Amy Smart's Hair Styles

Amy Smart is wearing an ultra smooth straight hair style in our first picture and the color is a dark rich brunette and looks quite becoming on her. There is a possibility that our celebrity is wearing a hairpiece known as the fall. It is attached to the crown and mingles into your own hair.
Notice how her hair appears a bit darker on the bangs and under her hair. Of course, that does not mean anything with all of the different colors on the hair today.

In the second picture (from 2004) we see Amy with blonde hair and a lovely jagged layered style. What is the first thing you notice on our girl though? Her blue eyeliner! Let's examine this look a bit further and think what would have looked better on her. How about lightly applying a smoky plum, it wouldn't be quite so obvious and I bet the color of her eyes would stand out much better.
Amy Smart with a blonde jagged hairstyle
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The color of her hair looks very good on her, and I believe she looks better as a blonde than a brunette. What do you think? With the brunette picture, there is too much of a milky skin contrast with the hair, skin and dress. It is dark, a lot of light and dark again.
Today it seems to be in vogue not to wear necklaces, but I disagree; because it is too much skin. Does not anyone look better when the neckline is adorned with a fine piece of jewelry, and so it is, a necklace would be much more complimentary and give a break between the two darks.
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