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Buttoned-Up Blouse Collar

Blonde Amy Smart was all smiles at the video premiere of "My Valentine" Video Premiere on April 13th, 2012. She also sported one of the dressiest, latest trends. Collars are back in fashion and Amy is wearing a silky blouse with a neat, small collar. The material of the blouse competes with the shine of her hair, which is cut in a long bob.
It is the simplicity of her hairstyle and her clothes that focuses all of the attention to her face and her bright eyes. These were enhanced even more with a dark eyeliner and a shimmering eyeshadow in a natural, color.
It is the silken shimmer that is repeated in her bob and also on the blouse that turns a simple look into a glamorous appearance. The perfect mix of casual and luxurious.
Amy Smart wearing a smooth white blouse Amy Smart with her hair cut at collar length
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