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Amy Smart & Bonnie Somerville

Amy Smart - 01/10/2009

Amy Smart brings us a backward glance of yesterday with her hair closely coiffed to her head without the slightest volume. The side part adds to the sentimentality of the era with the exception of the small tiny band of hair stealing over the front to be combed on the other side which is so common in today's hairstyles. A couple of subtle glossy waves and loopy coils steal the scene with an array of blonde slices and when we peek under her hair we can see the shadow of brown that is no doubt her natural color. Who really has their own natural color today, 10% or could it be less? They are few and far to be seen. For an authentic impact of this era, we could bring Amy's hair under into a pageboy. The gold earrings and necklace are a sophisticated touch for this expressive creation.
Amy's angelic oval face reminds me of ABC's co anchor Diane Sawyer in her youthful days. She is wearing heavy eyeliner, a touch of blush and orange red lip color. Tip: When you pick out a red color for any reason, whether it is a dress or lip tint; one of the things to consider is the foundation of that color. In all reds there will either be a blue or an orange base. If you are going to be wearing a blue base red dress you do not want to pick out the orange base lip tint. In Amy's case, the dress looks more blue based than orange; however lighting has a lot to do with the photograph.
Bonnie Somerville - 01/10/2009

Bonnie Somerville has a short divide with smooth dippy layers that are arranged with a large swooping wave that is brought over to the side of her temple and eventually flicks out to join the rest of her hair. The other side is given to a more seamless structure until connecting with the curly coils on the ends. The creativity of this hairstyle cannot be overrated when you see how the wave brings out Bonnie's eyes. For a more naturalizing affect, several tones of blondes and browns in thin strips have been placed throughout her hair. Tip: Use a large wave to set off your eyes like Bonnie.
Bonnie is wearing heavy eyeliner, light and dark shadows, plenty of mascara, a few penciled sketches in the brows, light touches of bronze and a pastel neutral lip tint. Although her eye liners are quite heavy you must admit her blue eyes are very exceptional!
She is wearing white, which isn't the best contrast for blondes, however; Bonnie is wearing a heavy black tri chain that not only is a great contrast for the white blazer but her hair too. Smart trick there Bonnie.