Adrienne Bailon Hairstyles

Adrienne Bailon is an American singer, actress and songwriter, born October 24th, 1983. She was part of the girl group 3LW and is a member of The Cheetah Girls.
hair styled into spirals hair in long curly waves hair pulled back in a strict fashion casual updo for summer hair styled silky straight
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The vivacious singer is one of those blessed souls who looks good in just about anything.
With her oval face almost all hairstyles are an option and she is known to play with her looks, from straight to super curly, from strict updos to opulent open manes. She avoids bangs - those would put too much weight on her pretty face and cover up her perfect hairline.
Adrienne's hair color is a medium blonde, often enhanced with high and lowlights. With her petite frame and dancer's figure, she looks best in short to knee length dresses or skirts featuring narrow silhouettes without being too tight.
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