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Carefree Feminine Look

Adrienne Bailon is wearing her hair in long curly waves, slithered in layers and much looking like a body wave was introduced in her hair (March 25th, 2007). The color of a honey blonde is entirely flattering and accommodating to her pretty olive skin.

This look can be quite feminine and carefree when worn down as the photo reveals. When worn in an upswing with a variety of curls it can bring much class, sophistication and elegance for that fine dining event you have planned. When there is a body wave on the length of hair seen by our celebrity, there are endless possibilities of a myriad of fun styles that can be designed.
For example: Brush all the hair back after it has been washed and dried and hook two pretty combs on each side of the hair, then take the top and push it back toward the face and secure with a bobby pin or another comb. Use a curl activator to encourage your hair to curl on the waterfall of waves that you have created in the back. Attach those lovely hoop earrings and you are ready for anything.
Adrienne Bailon with long hair styled into curls Adrienne Bailon wearing a short babydoll dress
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