Adrienne Bailon's Silky Straight Hair

Adrienne Bailon with long silky straight hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Imagine a rich dark brown head of hair that brushes the front of her iridescent beautiful pink gown. How dazzling can one person be? As Adrienne Bailon poses, we can observe her blunt cut bangs coming down over her brows and snipped ends.
She looks like a young Cher, as in the Sonny & Cher days. Makes me want to sing, "If I could turn back time, and find a way." Adrienne's long hair is styled silky straight and her finishing touches include smoothing serum and gloss. One thought is to look around at the different smoothing serums on the web and discover which one is best for you.
Adrienne can well afford to wear her eyes with deep browns, black eyeliners, lush lashes and mascara, bronzing/blush, a little lip liner and flesh colored lip tint. Her eye popping beautiful pink dress turns heads with the gathered top and large sash that falls over the center.
Adrienne Bailon's hair with blunt cut bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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