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Hair Pulled Back

American singing and dancing sensation Adrienne Bailon, best known for her performances with the Cheetah Girls, showed her glamorous side on November 17th, 2007. She looks stunning with her hair pulled back in a sleek and strict fashion. A style like this is simply elegant and does not take any attention away from a beautiful face and the shiny clothes.

Adrienne went for the metallic trend colors and picked a very sparkly graphite tone for her dress; silver and graphite for her make up and accessories.
To get this look, just work some gel into your hair, pull it together into a tight pony tail. Secure with an "outchless" rubber and then you can either roll it into a bun or into any other shape you can imagine and pin it to the back of your head. The most important is that all the hair is held together tightly at the base. Smooth some shine serum over the head to create extra bling.
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