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Loose Casual Updo

Hazel-eyed singer and dancer Adrienne Bailon looks all playful and feminine in her fluffy, light updo that she sported on August 20th, 2008. Adrienne is blessed with a head full of thick and healthy long hair, which can be styled in many different ways.
A great way to celebrate during a warm summer evening is a loose, casual updo that always comes across as especially feminine and fun loving.

For this adorable look Adrienne's hair was parted on the side and then pulled back loosely. The bangs are swept back in a large curve, creating a flattering frame for her features. Her hair is rather long and was twisted around itself in the back and then pinned tight.
Her large curls were brought to full curviness with a large curling iron and then picked into place with the fingers. Some spray holds it together and adds shine.
Adrienne Bailon - Side view of her updo Adrienne Bailon's updo Adrienne Bailon with her hair in a casual updo Adrienne Bailon wearing a dress with a leopard print
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