Popped Blouse Collar

Woman wearing a shirt or blouse with the collar popped up
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Q: I love the preppy look of popped blouse or polo shirt collars. Unfortunately, turning up the collars of my own button-down shirts never works. Maybe my collars are too floppy for popping. Are there any tricks to make my collars stiffer?
A: With most collared shirts, especially those that are designed to be buttoned down, the fabric is creased to fold at the appropriate point and will very easily conform to that configuration.
The best way to get your collar to stand up properly is to be sure to unbutton the collars when you launder the shirt, then take them out of the dryer as soon as they are done and hang them with the collars still standing. Then before you wear the shirt, press the collar with an iron so that you reinforce the "stand up" position. You should even consider using a spray starch to make the collar stiffer.
If even pressed and starched the shirt collars fall over, you can use the ultimate secret weapon. Take a few straight pins and carefully slip them into the collar at the bending line in order to keep them straight. Be sure to weave the pins in and out and have the point of the pin tucked into the fabric when you're done to avoid pricking yourself accidentally as you wear the shirt. This should give you the long-lasting "stand" you desire.
Woman wearing a shirt with the collar up
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