Scissor Happy Hairdressers

Smiling hair stylist with scissors
Hair stylist holding scissors - Photo: Shutterstock
“Scissor Happy” Hairdressers, Unhappy Customers
Sitting in a stylish new hair salon where the price of a cut alone is the same as a cut and highlights at a less up-market hairdresser, Annie felt confident the ‘trim’ she wanted would materialize as just a trim and would aid her in her quest to achieving healthy, vibrant as most importantly ‘long’ hair.
“How much would you like off?” asked the young, trendy, just-out-of-hair-college and eager to impress hairdresser. “Just the ends, I’m growing it”, replied Annie.
45 minutes later when the hairdresser was drying Annie’s hair, her suspicions that well over an inch of her carefully nurtured mid-length locks were being swept away into the dustpan were confirmed as she gazed into the mirror with horror as the hair she had managed to creep just past her shoulders had bounced up to near her collar bone. It was little wonder that Annie felt quite nauseous when she had to hand over the best part of 50 pounds for a haircut she was determined not to end up with.
As if growing hair wasn’t tedious and endurance testing enough without a “scissor happy” hairdresser intent on delaying the long and arduous process by flippantly slashing a precious couple of inches off the length, taking flabbergasted clients back at least a couple of months. Why is it that hairdressers seem to have an infuriating habit of ignoring our request regarding how much hair they cut off?
In hairdresser’s defense when hair is cut wet it tends to bounce up rather dramatically when it is dried. Although experienced, well-trained and educated hairdressers should account for the tendency for hair to jump up a couple of centimeters when it is dry and cut the bare minimum off to essentially ‘neaten up’ the hair.
Have you ever felt uncomfortable when a hairdresser is bent over you, just inches from your face, meticulously pulling on one side of your hair at the front and then measuring it against the other side? Unconvinced that both sides are the same length, out come the scissors again and chop off another quarter of an inch to make the hair the same length all the way round. Then the other side is shorter so further cutting is required on the other side, and so on.
Another explanation to the cause of “scissor happy” hairdressers is due to their inability in achieving evenly cut hair first time round. It can often take two or even three attempts to achieve the same length hair all round, during which hair is cut above and beyond what the client had originally requested. Again this is usually a trait of less experienced and less skilled hairdressers and should be overcome by experience and training.
But perhaps the most infuriated reason behind “scissor happy” hairdressers is when a hairdresser thinks he or she knows what is best for their clients. Dismayed by the odd split end or breakage occurring a couple of inches above the ends, some hairdressers feel compelled to eradicate those damaged cuticles with their scissors. “It’ll be much healthier” they say in their minds as they glimpse their client’s uneasy reflection in the mirror.
While scissor slip-ups leading to unintentional asymmetrical cuts and oblivion to our hair’s tendency to ‘bounce up’ when it is dry, are traits of less-experienced and unskilled hairdressers, the ‘we know what’s best therefore have the facility to cut off more hair than requested’ theory is usually a characteristic of experienced, highly skilled and well educated hairdressers, where unfortunately the price of a cut is usually a ‘cut above’ other salons.
In this sense customers are left exceptionally fuming, as not only has the hairdresser decided to ignore what he or she has asked for, but they have paid an arm and a leg to be made upset and angry.
Although it is not just the baseline of our hair which can become victims of overzealous, “scissor happy” hairdressers, as bangs and layers can also fall prey to such victimization. Bangs are particularly susceptible and when they are succumb to “scissor happy” hairdressers it is particularly upsetting for the customer. People, primarily women, have bangs for a whole host of reasons.