MYSELF by Mič Styling Academy
A story of the passion fueling the Young Mič Styling stylists. With contemporary hair cutting techniques and a tribute to new and natural hair colors, they highlight the beauty of hair.
Mars Mania by Klaus Peter Ochs
With the eternal fascination for the planet Mars, Klaus Peter Ochs imagines the future of hair and hairstyles in our future life on Mars.
How to Deal with Damaged Bleached Hair
Bleaching your hair can come at a price: hair damage. These tips on how to repair damaged bleached hair should help set you on your way to healthier hair.
Japanese Beauty Trends Transition in Heisei Era (1989-2019)
Shiseido has appointed a model to depict changing trends across 30 years of Heisei from a beauty perspective by utilizing findings in its long-term trend research.
NO FILTER Collection by Four Reasons
With this beautiful collection of hairstyles that are perfectly wearable in everyday life, Four Reasons surprises us with a “too glam to give a damn” attitude.
Growing Out Your Hair
Growing out your hair, especially when you have rocked a pixie cut for a long time, is probably one of the hardest things you can attempt to do in life.
Fashionable Hair for Fashionable Men
It is totally acceptable to care about your hair and actually have a desire to maintain the way that you look, keep up appearances and not let yourself fall by the wayside.
Men’s Hair Care for Dummies
Easy to follow tips for men's hair care. The basics when it comes to establishing a regular hair care routine.
Sensual Secrets by KLIPP Frisör
The looks of this collection are very attractive and mysterious. The cuts, colors and styling are relaxed, natural and of timeless beauty.
The Urge to Cut
Reasons why women think about chopping their long hair, what brings up the urge and how to combat the urge to cut.
Hair Wheel
Not sure if you want to cut your hair shorter? Use our haircut wheel to let chance decide what your new look will be!
Partner Looks and Hairstyles
Hair is a perfect medium to stand out in the crowd and let everyone know that you love your mate. Matching haircuts or hair colors are much fun!