How To Find Your Best Hair Length (2)

Square or rectangular face shape
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Super Long
Keep in mind that there is such a thing as your hair being TOO LONG. Long, split hair is never attractive. Keep up with regular haircut appointments to keep your strands looking healthy and happy. Always remind yourself that you want healthy looking hair instead of looking like a ragged Rapunzal.
There is also a point that hair reaches where it can become too long to hold any sort of style. Gravity pulls super long hair down and totally kills any curl, wave, or volume you have. Consider cutting a couple of inches off and you will notice how your hair has more bounce and suppleness.
Face Shapes
There is a whole article that could be written on the concept of face shapes but here is a simple list of face shapes and their ideal length. Round and heart shaped faces look great with pixie haircuts and bobs. Oval shaped faces look great with bobs and shoulder length styles. Square shaped faces are flattered by past the shoulder lengths.
With all of these suggestions, there are always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes it is more important to think about the layering and techniques used to cut into the shape of the haircut as opposed to just the overall length. These are just a few good tips to keep in mind with choosing a good length for you.
Hopefully you already have experimented with different hair lengths through the years and can reflect on which ones worked best for you. Go back and look at pictures of yourself and find photos where you feel you had a flattering hairstyle and felt good as well.
Always talk to your hair stylist and get professional input before you get your haircut. Be honest and share your hair dreams with them but be prepared to face some realistic facts that some things just may not work with your hair type. If you are nervous about making a big change, consider taking up the length slowly. Go one appointment at a time and enjoy the ride.
So what are you waiting for? Take your hair to new lengths! Make your appointment and have fun trying something new.
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