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Orange-based redheads have to be careful of the colors they wear in both clothing and makeup, or else they run the risk of clashing colors. The best colors for orange-based redheads are light or pastel shades of green, aqua, blue, and lilac.
Oranges, bright reds, and bright yellows should be avoided as they can cause the wearer to appear washed out. Dark shades of green, blue, and violet will also make the orange-based redhead appear pallid and haggard.
Darker reds and auburn browns tend to be red-based, and also look best in greens, blues, and purples, but should choose the darker, jewel-toned shades lest paler shades of these colors leave them looking sallow. Dark reds and auburns also need to be wary of yellows, reds, and oranges and should choose subtle shades of these colors if they are to be worn. The red-based redheads often have darker pigmented skin, and the eyes usually tend toward hazel and brown, though any color is possible.
These color warnings primarily apply to clothing choices, though they also apply to makeup choices. For makeup, however, there is a simpler rule of thumb to follow. Whether it's orange or red-based, red hair color of any shade is a warm color, and calls for warm tones in makeup.
Orange-based redheads usually call for lighter tones of the warm family (soft blush pinks, for example), while red-based redheads with darker shades of red hair can wear the darker tones of warm makeup colors (such as cherry reds).
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Make the Most of Your Reds:
While taking proper care of your hair is important no matter what color hair you have, for redheads damaged hair can look especially harsh. Red hair is so eye-catching that it demands to look good. Be sure to condition your hair every day, regardless of whether you shampoo or not. Healthy-looking and shiny hair allows the red pigmentation to literally radiate, showing its inner fire.
So whether you want your red hair to be short or long, straight or curly, be sure to keep it as smooth and healthy as possible and you will be pleased with the compliments that are sure to come your way.
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