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If you would like a versatile fringe that you can wear anyway, you should ask your hairdresser for a long wispy fringe, that way you can you can either wear it to the side or you can wear it as a full fringe. If you are like me and get bored easily with your hair, but don't want to change the length of your hair, it is surprising how a new fringe can completely change the style of your hair.
Long blonde hairstyle with bangs Adding colour to your fringe can also change the style of your fringe without cutting it any different. Adding a few light blonde highlights to your fringe can brighten it and change the shape. You can also add a few panels of different colours to the underneath of the fringe, this also changes the look without changing length, style etc of the hair. Having dark hair with a blonde panel underneath your fringe is a really nice look just now.
A lot of my clients have been asking for a new fringe just now as the Bo-ho look is really in the fashion. Quite often when you see a girl with a gypsy skirt on, beads and flip flops etc, you will notice they will probably have a long, blunt eye-skimming fringe to suit the style of the current fashion. You must remember that just because it is the fashion, it may not suit you. As I have explained before, every different face shape suits different bangs, and that is where some fashion conscious people go wrong. They think that because it is the new current style, they must have it, but end up looking worse than they did before as it doesn't suit them at all.
Remember and always ask your hairdresser for bangs that suit you best as a fringe is one of the worst and hardest styles to grow out. It gets to a certain length and you can't cope with it anymore.
Even though a fringe can make you feel more confident, change your hairstyle, emphasis your face etc., there are also some disadvantages of having a fringe. If you have a job where you need to have your fringe kept of your face, you will have to constantly wear it back, either pinned with a Kirby, or by wearing a hair band. If you wear glasses, it may constantly fall over your glasses and annoy you all the time or it may fall inside your lenses and go into your eyes. If you have a fringe and go outside into a humid, drizzly atmosphere, be warned, your fringe will be the first thing to flick out, curl or go frizzy.
I quite often just scrunch my hair and leave it to dry, but find I always have to blow dry my fringe into style as it tends to do it's own thing and looks messy, so there is more of a commitment to your hair if you have a fringe.
If you have curly hair, a fringe isn't always the best idea as it can be quite hard to control. You can use straightening irons, but they can sometimes make your fringe too straight and it can go a bit flat and fly-away. Your best bet if you have curly hair is to just get a few angled layers around your face to soften the look.
Most people suit fringes as there are so many different types to suit many different faces and looks, but just make sure you are 100% sure before you commit to a fringe as it's hard work trying to grow out and control if you decide you don't like it. Fringes will always be in the fashion, so don't worry if you have had a fringe for years as it will always look trendy, just make sure you suit yours and you will always look good!
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