Sexy Messy Hair

Sexy messy hair
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Q: My husband finds messy hair sexy. He loves it when my bangs get too long and partly cover my eyes. I'm confused. I thought that a woman's hair was supposed to be neat and tidy. Am I being old-fashioned?
A: Trends in hair and what is considered attractive change with time. And while you may have ideas that were learned from a time when certain expectations were common for women and their hair, you should remember that various looks are appropriate in various situations.
If you are attending a formal function or somber occasion, you will still want to wear your hair in a neat and well-groomed style. But if you are going out (or staying in) for a "date night" with your husband, a more casual style can certainly be called for.
And the "mussed" look has been coming in and out of fashion over the decades. In fact, some iconic looks have been based on mimicking messy hairstyles. For instance, the iconic look worn by Farrah Fawcett-Majors in the late 70s was designed to look "ravished" as though she had just emerged from bed.
The bottom line is that you shouldn't consider yourself "old fashioned" but rather consider that you have options. You want to be comfortable with your look, even while you try to please those who are important to you.
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