Balmain Fill-in Extensions

Hair extensions
Balmain Hair has come up with a value pack that enables the hairdresser to provide a cost-effective solution for clients who want to have a hair boost.
With Fill-In extensions, all kinds of changes in appearance can be made. More and more stylists are being challenged by their clientele to offer them an affordable hair boost. With this value pack, the hairdresser has no more limitations. Color, volume, and length can be obtained at a more than reasonable price, leaving both stylist and consumer happy.
Test Visualizer:
The 50 Fill-In extensions are packed in a functional organizer, but there is also a unique Test Visualizer. The Test Visualizer immediately shows the consumer the impressive volume boost and extra lengthening that 50 Fill-In extensions will bring to their hairstyle.
Application of fill-in hair extensions
Hair extensions test visualisation
High Quality Treatment:
Fill-In extensions are made of the highest quality 100% human hair. Because of this quality, Balmain Hair offers a unique six-month guarantee on the hair when using the Balmain Hair After Care range. Each Fill-In extension is reusable and has layered hair ends that result in a perfect integration.
One value pack consists of 50 Fill-In extensions in the natural straight structure in a length of 40 cm. One value pack is perfect for a volume treatment, and with two packs, a basic lengthening can be achieved.
Complete Color collection:
This collection consists of fashionable colors. Six blended colors that enable to give the end result an extra visual depth for a lively, healthy, shiny look. Three level colors can easily be colored in any desired tone and three solid colors.
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