Balmain Système Volume

Balmain Sytème Volume hair extensions
Balmain Hair discovered a way to create lasting permanent hair volume. Next to regular salon services like cutting, coloring, and styling, now the service of Système Volume is available for any high-end salon. A lasting volume service in the salon.
System Volume focuses on professional hair stylists who want to offer a total service and do not wish their clients to have any limitations in the way they look. Any hairstyle and haircut is now possible!
75% off all customers want to have more volume
Studies have shown that 75% of all customers want to have more volume, whether this is being achieved through cutting, coloring, and/or blow-drying techniques, none of them are lasting. With System Volume, any stylist can offer endless possibilities for every desired hairstyle, with lasting volume. Working with Système Volume is 40% more time-saving compared to regular salon services such as coloring and blow-drying.
Balmain Hair recognizes that each and every person is unique and therefore also has a different hair type. That is why Balmain Hair developed two different types of hair called Volume+: Cheveux Fins, specifically developed for fine hair, and Cheveux Normaux which is made for normal hair.
Extensions for more hair volume Hair with volume
Volume+ enables the stylists to give a customized solution for their clients in order to obtain voluminous hair. The natural blended colors integrate perfectly and make the hair look gorgeous.
FluX technology
Flux means to move material from one side to another. The advantages:
• Consistent quality
• Small almost invisible silk tips
• Infaillible application system
How to apply Système Volume hair extensions
The hair care line within Système Volume Balmain Hair has also been based on two different hair care lines: Cosmétique Hydratant for fine hair with Volume+ extensions and Cosmétique Nutrition Intense for treated, normal hair with Volume+ extensions. These specially-developed formulas stimulate the natural hair growth and quality of the new hair, due to the Saw Palmetto and Elderberry extracts.
The products are gentle on the scalp, restoring and maintaining balance. It optimizes natural hair and creates 10% more volume due to the extraordinary moisture-binding capacity of the silk protein. Antioxidants like rooibos, chamomile, and green tea extract neutralize the damaging effects caused by heat and sunlight. Therefore, the hair color is protected and damage is less likely to occur.
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