Balmain Quick Remover

Hair extensions remover
Removing hair extensions quick and easy!
Tired of removing hair extensions? Not anymore! Balmain has developed a fully automated tool that removes extensions quickly and without any difficulty: The Balmain Quick Remover.
Thanks to the combination of the dissolvent gel and UV light, the hairdresser only needs to click the trigger to remove an extension. With just one click, the extension bond is crushed and dissolved.
The correct amount of dissolvent gel is automatically dispensed from the cartridge of the Quick Remover. This measured amount is sufficient to ensure the bond is dissolved and the extension is removed, ready to rebond using the innovative Balmain Plusbond.
The inconvenience of opening and closing bottles, as well as waste and spillage of removal solution, is a thing of the past thanks to the Quick Remover's built-in cartridge system. Hairdressers with nail extensions will definitely be thrilled with this revolution!
Thanks to the Balmain Quick Remover, removing hair extensions is now a fully automated process. One of the major benefits is the time savings; before it would take you 30 seconds or more to remove a single extension; now the same result will take just 10 seconds! Yes, that quick!
The new Quick Remover not only removes Balmain extensions, but this universal tool can also be used for quickly removing other bonding systems.
Image: ©Balmain Hair