New Hair Questions

New questions about hair
Can you tell me more about see-through bangs? What are the pros and cons?
What is better for a woman over 50: a bob or a pixie cut?
Is short hair more prone to getting oily?
What is more sustainable, long hair or short hair?
Is human hair biodegradable or harmful to the environment?
At what temperature does hair begin to melt?
Is it true that hot flashes during menopause can affect your hair color?
Why is my hairdresser placing her fingers on my cheekbones, forehead and sideburns?
What is the purpose of that spider-like device that people use to scratch their head?
Do you know of a fix for dry shampoo that leaves white residue on my hair?
Why can't I cross my arms or legs during a haircut?
What exactly is keratin in our hair and what is it good for?
What is the name of the strip of fabric attached to hair in historical South Korean TV series?
What is a bixie haircut?
Are there any pros and cons I need to know of before getting a side shave?
Is a ponytail or loose long hair professional in an office environment?
Why are women so nervous when they get a substantial haircut and change their look?
How can I save money at the hair salon?
Why do pregnant women cut their hair short?
Can you get professional results with coloring hair at home?
Is it better to wash your hair in the morning or in the evening?
Could I ask a friend to retouch the clipper cut sections of my pixie?
What is easier to straighten yourself at home, a short bob or long hair?
Why do people with naturally straight hair straighten their hair?
Is it true that you are either a long hair person or a short hair person?
Shouldn't my hairdresser dye my whole head once in a while?
Should a hair stylist always do a shade test before coloring your hair?
Will hair dye stain my pillow case?
Will a bob make a square face look boxier?
How often do you need a haircut?
Can women use men’s shampoo?
What is a French bob?
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